Government Transparency

Journalists, average Americans, and others seeking government records in the public interest are more likely to be denied information than for-profit requesters, according to a new study titled “Tale of two requesters: How public records law experiences differ by requester types,” co-authored by David Cuillier, director of the Joseph L. Brechner Freedom…

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Posted: April 16, 2024

David Cuillier, director of the Brechner Freedom of Information Project, is quoted in “South Dakota Lags in Public-Records Transparency Laws, Expert Says” published on South Dakota’s on March 17. According to Cuillier, South Dakota’s state laws providing public access to state and local government records are among the weakest in…

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Posted: March 20, 2024

David Cuillier, director of the Brechner Freedom of Information Project, is quoted in “Curious Commonwealth Asks: Are Virginia Open Records Laws Weaker Than Other States?” published on the website for Virginia Public Media on Oct. 25. The story investigates the strength of Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) laws in Virginia…

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Posted: November 5, 2023