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David Cuillier Comments on the Concealing of Taxpayer-Funded Public Records

David Cuillier, director of the Brechner Freedom of Information Project, is quoted in “Washington Tax Agency Pressured to End Controversial Secrecy Policy” published on on Dec. 13.

The article focuses on a recently revealed policy from the State of Washington Department of Revenue that supposedly allowed it to black out certain public records with a controversial secrecy exemption claimed by state lawmakers. The legislative privilege claim has raised questions about the separation of government powers.

According to Cuillier, around the U.S., notions of privilege are increasingly being used to conceal taxpayer-funded records from the public.

“As Washington’s Democratic-controlled Legislature pursues legislative privilege, Republican governors in Florida, Nebraska and Arkansas are claiming executive privilege so they can withhold records,” said Cuillier. “We’re seeing this around the country, this rise of privilege, privilege to hide from the public.”

Posted: December 29, 2023
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