Broadcasting - Indecency

Clear Channel pays fine for indecency (Tampa) May 2004 (28:5), p. 3

Clear Channel adopts "zero tolerance" policy for indecency, fires radio host. (Washington) April 2004 (28:4), p. 3

Proposed bill would ban eight offensive words from airwaves. (Washington) February 2004 (28:2), p. 3

Group files FCC complaint over rap concert (Tampa), November 1999 (23:11), p. 2

FCC fines radio station for two indecent broadcasts (Clearwater) Dec. 1998 (22:12) p. 3

Panel to arbitrate indecency complaints against controversial radio talk-show host (Miami), January-February 1988 (12:1), p. 2

Civic leaders in Jacksonville initiate "Smut Patrol" to monitor radio airwaves, July 1987 (11:6), p. 3

FCC’S "Dirty-Talk" rule has radio hosts in Florida talking back to the Commission, May 1998 (11:4), p. 2

No legal violations are found when TV talk-host drops his pants, April 1987 (11:3), p. 2