Global Trends in Access to Information

Brazilian Journalists Work for Information Access Law

U.S.A.: FOIA Requests Face Extended Delays

Working Paper: Access to Information in Developing Countries

Global Trends on the Right to Information: A survey of South Asia

Freedom of Information and Access to Government Records Around the World

The Campaign for Freedom of Information in U.K.

Freedom of Information as an internationally protected Human Right

HCLU on Freedom of Information

Secrecy and Openness in the European Union

Japan Breaking Down the Walls of Secrecy

Japanese Government Information: New Rules for Access

Using the FOIA- A Step by Step Guide

A Model Freedom of Information Act

The Campaign for Freedom of Information in Scotland

Historical Perspective/ Chronological Breakdown/ Alphabetical Listing of Access Statutes/ Access Statutes by Region / Other Resources / International Organization Agreements

International Trends in Freedom of Information

Brechner Center for Freedom of Information

College of Journalism and Communications

University of Florida

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