Biographical Information
New Exemptions Supported

Open Government Bills Supported
(no exemptions created)

OGSR Re-enacted Exemptions Supported

Erik Fresen


District 114
Part of Miami-Dade County

CS/SB 144 Home Addresses — Impaired Practitioner Consultants

CS/SB 200 Email Addresses — Tax Collectors

CS/SB 248 Body Cameras/Recording of Law Enforcement Activities

CS/SB 646 Florida ABLE Program

CS/SB 716 Veterinary Medical Practice

SB 7032 Identifying Information Deceased Children

CS/SB 7040 Email Addresses Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles

HB 7061 Florida RICO Act Investigations

CS/HB 997 Investigations— Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
(vetoed by Gov. Scott)

CS/SB 228 Online Voter Registration

CS/SB 538 Disclosure of Sexually Explicit Images

HB 985 Maintenance of Agency Final Orders

CS/SB 766 Drone Surveillance

CS/SB 1312 Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation

HB 7001 Intercepting and Recording Oral Communications

HB 7005 OGSR/Commission for Independent Education

SB 7008 OGSR/Licensure Examinations — Funeral Board

SB 7010 OGSR/Examination Techniques — Office of Financial Regulation

HB 7011 OGSR/Personal Information — Public Transit Providers

SB 7012 OGSR/Credit History and Credit Scores — Office of Financial Regulation

SB 7016 OGSR/Identifying Information — Minors

CS/SB 7034 OGSR/Identifying Information Stalking Victims