James Waldman
Exemptions Supported
Exemptions Opposed
James W. "Jim" Waldman
Part of Broward

SB 374 Public Records/Donor Information/Florida Historic Capitol/Legislative Research Center and Museum

SB 570 Public Records/Donor Identity/Publicly Owned Perfroming Arts Center

CS/HB 645 Pub.Rec./Title Insurance Data/Office of Inusrance Regulation

CS/HB 1089 Pub. Rec./Agency Personnel Information

CS/HB 1193 Pub.Rec./Victims of Violence

HB 1239 Pub.Rec./Department of Citrus

CS/SB 1856 Public Records and Public Meetings/Peer Review Panels/Biomedical Research Grants

CS/HB 411 Photographs Depicting Killing of a person

CS/HB 913 Pub. Rec./Records Held by Public Airports