Exemptions Supported
Exemptions Opposed
Will Kendrick

Hamilton, Madision, Taylor and parts of Alachua, Columbia, Dixie, Franklin, Jefferson, Liberty and Wakulla

HB 193 Court Monitors

HB 459 Donors – Statewide Public Guardianship Office

CS/HB 1001 Fingerprint ID Information

CS/HB 1117 South Florida Regional Transportation Authority

CS/HB 1285 Innovation Incentive Program

CS/HB 1369 Rejected Bids, Proposals or Negotiations

HB 1451 Florida Center for Brain Tumor Research

CS/HB 7161 State Board of Administration

CS/HB 605 Home Address – DJJ Employees

CS/HB 687 Concealed Weapons Permits

CS/HB 1285 Innovation Incentive Program