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Summary of 14 Public Records Exemptions Passed by 2003-2004 Legislature

(HB155) Firearms Database
Prohibits government agencies and people from keeping a record of privately owned firearms. Does not apply to criminal records.

(HB317) Blueprints and Building Plans
Exempts plans and drawings of attractions, recreation facilities, resorts and entertainment complexes and other buildings unless a "good cause" or court order" requires disclosure.

(SB348) Home Addresses and Social Security Numbers, U.S. Attorneys
Protects U.S. judges and attorneys and their family members identifying information and also protects Social Security numbers for any government employee upon request.

(SB464)Medical Facilities Revises exemption for hospital employees, surgical facilities; saves exemption from repeal under the Open Government Sunset Review Act.

(SB635) Child Recreation Programs
Protects locations of children in government sponsored camps or programs.

(SB702) Patient Safety Data
Protects patients, heath care personnel and facilities from releasing information.

(HB951) Human and Machine Cognition Institute
Allows the University of West Florida institute to protect trade secrets.

(SB1626) Archival Material
Protects, by donor request, information given to a city or county, as long as the information is not subject to disclosure under public records laws.

(HB1737) DPPA/Motor Vehicle Records
Exempts information identifying a person from their motor vehicle record, unless it has become public by other means.

(HB1833) Surplus State Land
Exempts written valuations of state land and related documents.

(SB2496) Military Installations
Protects documents that the governor uses to save military installations from federal closure.

(SB2704) Child Identity
Exempts personal information on children held by parents, guardians or public service providers, such as welfare agencies.

(SB2826) Department of Revenue/Insurance Records
Partial exemption for documents used to determine child support payments.

(SB3006) Electronic Filings
Exempts password and user information for Department of State employees who file campaign treasurer reports.

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